“It is shameful that Mari Luz’s father has brought himself to complain,” was the reaction of Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for the McCann couple, in response to the request from Juan Jose Cortés that the posters with the photo of his daughter beside Madeleine should not be distributed.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Kate McCann blows out the flame that should have shone for Claudia...it was to be Claudias special day...

Kate McCanns mental health, for me, has always been in doubt. I still cannot forget the image of a mother laughing ,days after the death of her daughter, had she truly been abducted , raped, her dead broken body dumped in a ditch like garbage , my wretched soul in tatters with just the thought, but not Kate, she's made of  much stronger stuff than I, than any of us, who find her behaviour despicable.

Kate McCann ,whores for a living, not the street whore, Kate is much worse , a street whore gives something in return. Kate just takes and takes and abuses every mother,father and child who is in despair.

I am waiting for Kate to jump on the bandwagon to the latest news , Ben Needhams case will be looked into once more. Kate ,will wait a week I am sure before she involves herself in the pain of Bens mother (publicity reasons nothing more). Kate is not the most hated woman in the world , but very close.

Ben Needham, soon to become another victim of Kates ???

Sunday, February 27, 2011

HEWLETT offered to take a lie detector test, something the McCanns have shyed away from. Mariana Schmueker faced up to Kate McCann and asked her to come and see her. BUT Kate prefers to make up stories than tell the truth and she certainly does not have the balls to confront Mariana with her lies.



Madeleine McCann suspect Raymond Hewlett is ready to take a LIE DETECTOR test to prove his innocence in the case.

The convicted paedophile has carried out a string of vile attacks on children but denies any link to Maddie's disappearance.

But police face a race against time to establish the truth, as last night doctors were battling to keep Hewlett alive after complications following a cancer op.

The fiend, 64, was said to have suffered massive internal bleeding, with a source adding: "His condition might worsen at any time which could end his life."

As Hewlett lay critical in hospital, his German wife Mariana Schmucker, 33 - mum to their six children - challenged Maddie's parents Gerry and Kate to come to see her.

She said: "I know about my Raymond's past and it is forgotten. He is a changed man. I know he didn't take Maddie.

"He is a very sick man and has said to me he will do anything to prove he is innocent - even take a lie detector test.

"Let the parents of Madeleine come here and ask him face-toface if he had anything to do with their child going missing.

"My husband has nothing to do with little Madeleine. He's an innocent man and he'll prove it not anyone."

Mariana shares a squalid twobedroom flat - overlooking a kindergarten - with Hewlett and their children.

It is just a few miles from where the suspect now lies in University Hospital, in Aachen, Germany.

Again denying any link to Maddie's abduction by her husband, Mariana said: "These are lies all lies. I know my husband more than anyone in this world and I will tell you he has done nothing wrong.

"Those police should be looking for the real man who took that little girl and not Raymond, he's a sick man, a very sick man." Former soldier turned drifter Hewlett had been living near Praia de Luz in Portugal when Maddie vanished from her family's holiday apartment in May 2007.

By the time he was tracked to Aachen, near the Belgian border, this month he was already seriously ill with lung cancer.

But British police still want to interview him about a sexual assault on a child in West York-shire in 1975, and the murder of 11-year-old Lesley Molseed that same year.

Hewlett served 12 months for abducting a 12-year-old girl, knocking her out with paint stripper and raping her in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, in 1972.

In 1978, he was jailed for four years after holding a 14-year-old girl and putting a gun to her head.

Last night, in a new twist, a British couple who first raised suspicions about Hewlett over missing Maddie a year ago claimed police had not taken them seriously until now.

Alan Thompson, 56, and his wife Cindy, 47, from Peterborough, Cambs, had met Hewlett while on holiday in Portugal.

Cindy told The People: "We cannot talk in detail about the police inquiry, but let's just say we are hoping they take this seriously now.

"We are utterly confused about the delay. It's a worry for us and it must be worse for the McCanns.

Alan said: "I only hope it is not too late." The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell, said the family's own investigators also wanted to speak to Hewlett, and to the Thompsons.
He said: "Mr Hewlett has denied any involvement in Madeleine's abduction.

"Our investigators hope he will see sense and co-operate by giving them whatever information needed so they can eliminate him from the investigation.

"It's clear the man is ill and it is clear he has information that our investigators need."


We Say: Page 14

The McCanns before they had heard of HEWLETT had another patsy in mind,Robert Murat...the difference, Murat was alive and healthy and could defend himself no matter how hard MURDOCH tried to help Kate put him in the frame. Murdoch and Kate have forgotten about Murat and a dead man cannot defend himself.


#McCann : The Continued Persecution And Use Of A Dead Raymond HEWLETT ... his widow Mariana Schmuecker, unable to defend herself as MURDOCH'S News of the World starts the PR machine for Kate McCann's book of lies , soon to be serialised in The SUN...

MADELEINE McCann: With just a few weeks to go until the Sun serialises the McCanns’ official Our Maddie book, the NoTW brings news of Kate McCann’s “plea” to the widow of Raymond Hewlett. He was the convicted sex criminal labelled “Maddie paedo” and “Maddie Pervert” in the tabloids. He made no death bed confession.
Matthew Drake tells readers:
HEARTBROKEN Kate McCann is pleading with the widow of a dead paedophile to break her silence in the hunt for snatched daughter Madeleine.
But Mariana Schmuecker – herself a mother of six -has snubbed FOUR requests to reveal secrets about her husband, convicted child rapist Raymond Hewlett.
She has snubbed requests to reveal secrets? This woman has done nothing wrong, yet she is said to be the keeper of secrets that can help Kate McCann discover what happened to her daughter.
Detectives believe what she knows could hold the vital key to their investigation.
Believe. Could. Such are the facts. And these detectives are the McCanns’ private detectives.
When the News of the World confronted her the callous German just snarled: “Clear off! I’m sick to death of hearing about Maddie McCann!”
She is labelled callous because she does not want to talk about a missing child to the tabloid press?
Hewlett once spoke with the Sun:
SUN: Why don’t you eliminate yourself from the inquiry for the sake of the McCanns?
HEWLETT: I don’t have to speak to you. F*** off.
He added:
“I have never seen her and anyone who says anything different is wrong.”
Like them?
And then there is this:
But Mariana, who suddenly shipped off to Morocco with Hewlett just three weeks after Maddie’s disappearance, has stayed tight- lipped – even about her partner’s flawed alibi.
Mariana might care to talk with her lawyers before she talks with the press.
A source close to the McCanns told us: “Through detectives Kate has begged Mariana to speak out and hopes she will do the right thing. As a mother herself you’d think she’d want to help.”
As another, she may take exception to being called “callous” and having her name linked to a missing child.
A source close to the investigation said: “Our detectives are pretty certain Mariana knows a lot about Hewlett’s background and activities. That would open up doors to paedophile networks in the Algarve.
“We were never able to rule Hewlett out as a suspect. He’d have had useful information and we’re convinced Mariana is more than able to fill in the gaps. But she just tells us to go away or puts the phone down.”
Raymond Hewlett was never a suspect. He was a  person of interest to the McCanns.
If the detectives are “convinced” that the woman knows about paedos on the Algarve, why don’t they tell the police and let them deal with her?
“We want to know WHO she knows, and WHAT she’s heard about possible routes to spirit a child out of the country.”
Why should she know anything?
“She and Hewlett left Portugal at a rate of knots because he feared being associated with Madeleine’s disappearance.”
And not, as it seems, without due cause.
“We wanted to know about the six children Mariana and Hewlett had because none of them had any official birth documents. And there was a seventh child who died in mysterious circumstances.”
It’s getting worse.
“They never explained how they could move from country to country with the children despite having no passports.”
How do we know they have no passports?

Madeleine McCann is missing – still missing.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mariluz Cortés trial concludes..

While members of the prosecution and defense presented their final reports, the wife of the suspected murderer betrayed him before the cameras of a private television program as the Mariluz Cortes murder case concluded. Huelva, Spain. 25/02/2011


Friday, February 25, 2011

Isabel Garcia on LIVE TV told the world Santiago del Valle killed Mariluz...

The shock admission came after she had told the court that her husband was not guilty
Isabel García, the wife of Santiago del Valle, who is currently in court charged with the murder of the Huelva five year old, Marí Luz Cortés, has said on live television that her husband killed the child.

Previously the accused’s wife had been considered as being capable of saying any story to defend her husband, but speaking to Ana Rosa Quintana on her Telecinco programme on Friday morning, she said that her husband killed the child by accident.
She said the child fell and hit her head by accident, and once unconscious, her husband and sister in law, believing the child to be dead, put her in a shopping trolley and took her to the river in the car. They threw her in not knowing she was still alive.
 The story matches what the forensic scientists have already said during the court hearing.

Asked why they did not take the child to hospital, she replied that her sister in law was scared.

In tears she said, ‘I don’t want my husband to hate me’. She expressed regret for the suffering caused to Mari Luz’s family and said that she was very sorry.

The prosecutor in the case asked on Friday for Isabel García to be investigated for a possible crime of false witness, given that in court on February 16th she said her husband was not guilty of the crime and put the blame on her sister in law, Rosa del Valle.

The court case took a recess on the news of the revelation on television.

Read more: http://www.typicallyspanish.com/news/publish/article_29375.shtml#ixzz1Ez9bKtWJ

Mariluz Cortés murder trial. Images of the courtroom. Images also of the 'shopping carts' the prosecution believe one of these were used to remove Mariluzs body from the house, to the trunk of the car.


Mariluz: Unexpected confession

The unexpected confession on the last day of Mariluzs trial, with this news, the Cortés family have rushed to the court. Santiago, it is understood , unaware  his wife has spoken out against him. Santiago is soon to appear before the Judge and I would imagine be informed of this latest development that has left the Cortés family stunned but relieved ,there were fears he would not be charge due to lack of forensic evidence.

Mariluz Murder Case Accused has no Psychological Disorders

Media Summary

On the Seventh day of trial in the Mariluz Cortes murder case it seems it is increasingly clear that Santiago del Valle, principal charged with the murder of the girl, did not have any kind of mental disorders. Huelva, Spain.

Mari Luz Cortés UPDATE

The wife of Santiago del Valle,  Isabel Garcia, confessed her husband had killed Mariluz , she went on to say  'Mariluz is not the only victim here, I am also a victim'. .

McCanns/Smarts v Cortés/ Pattersons. Denying humanity, media coverage.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Express pull articles/McCann spin and the use of Mariluz Cortés. Blogging from Germany.


Don't give up, Kate.. use your strength.. Maddy will be found - IRENE SUAREZ YESTERDAY

Tenderly cradling her missing daughter's favourite doll, Irene Suarez sobs a touching message to Kate McCann: "Keep strong, don't give up."

Irene, 34, whose daughter Mari Luz Cortes vanished last Sunday, truly understands the agony Kate is going through.

They are two mothers united in despair and clinging to hope.

In heartfelt words, Irene pleaded to Kate: "Don't give up, Mrs McCann. Use all your strength to carry on. Don't give up. I believe Madeleine will be found."

Before Irene and Kate's lives were shaken to the core, you would have thought them worlds apart - the Spanish street seller from a gypsy family and the affluent, middle-class British doctor.

But Kate was sickened when news reached her that Mari had vanished from a town just 90 minutes from the resort where Madeleine disappeared more than eight months ago.

Could the maniac who abducted her four-year-old daughter have struck again?

That terrifying prospect has loomed over the Spanish south-west border town of Huelva as hundreds searched for Mari.

And Irene knows she and Kate must stick together. She said: "When it came out on television about Madeleine last summer I felt very deeply moved, it struck my soul.

"With the speculation that Mrs McCann could be guilty of killing her child, I said that's all lies. For a mother to do that is unthinkable, impossible."

Wiping tears from her cheek, Irene adde "From my heart I hope I can give her hope and strength."

Within hours of Mari vanishing, Kate, 39, sent a message to Irene and her family.

She wrote: "I feel your pain, my thoughts are with you.""

Five-year-old Mari disappeared after buying a packet of crisps from a kiosk 100 yards from her home. There are few clues - and as the days roll by, distraught Irene and dad Juan Jose Cortes fear the worst.

For all the differences in their backgrounds, the lives of Irene and Kate, of Rothley, Leics, now bear striking parallels.

Both have attractive daughters of a similar age who just vanished - seemingly without trace.
They believe their daughters have been abducted.

And both have prompted a huge response, mobilising supporters and relatives to give out pictures of their children.

For Mari, like Madeleine, every inch of coastline and wasteland has been scoured.

Helicopters and sniffer dogs were brought in. But as days go by, hope begins to fade. Both mums have wept before the world as a news story unfolds to tug at millions of hearts.

Inside flat 2A, a modest three-bedroom apartment, Irene sobbed uncontrollably.

Juan, also 34, an ex-professional football player turned builder, leaned in and held her.

Irene then led me into Mari's tiny bedroom filled with toys, dolls and teddy bears.

She sat on the bed - a Snow White duvet cover beneath - and clutched the girl's doll, called Maria, with both hands.

She wept to Mari: "Don't cry my baby. Try to be strong. Mummy is waiting for you.""

Irene told me: "Mari Luz is pretty. She loves to dress up and wear makeup. She loves to swim. She is a lively girl."

Within days of her going missing, Irene released a video of the girl dancing flamenco and opening her Christmas presents.

Behind Irene was a heartbreaking note in felt-tip pen on a noticeboard, next to magnetic letters spelling "Mari Luz".

Mari's brother Daniel, 10, had written: "Come home soon, I love you, I cannot live without you, I need you and you are what I want more, you are my little star and I will never forget you, because without you my life is full of pain."

In Madeleine's home, twins Sean and Amelie approach their third birthday without a big sister.

They were asleep when she was snatched from a holiday flat in Praia da Luz on May 3.

Irene and Kate both appealed for their girls’ safe return within hours of them disappearing.

 Moments before one TV plea, Irene collapsed. Then, at a march through Huelva by 2,000 people for Mari, she almost fainted and had to be taken home.

Kate also struggled after losing Madeleine. Her weight plummeted, she looked tired and gaunt, and friends say she is depressed.

Her seeming equilibrium – for which she was both praised and disparaged – was shot to pieces. She could not give interviews and sobbed uncontrollably on Spanish TV.

Both mothers have been torn up by sneering comments accusing them of not doing enough to protect their children. And Kate has even been named a suspect by police.

Mari, who also brother Juan Jose Jnr, 14, left home around 5pm last Sunday.

Irene recalled: “We came from the market, where we were selling. We ate. She got her stool out and helped clear the table. 

“Then we sat watching TV. I don’t know what was wrong but I felt she was restless, nervous. She asked for a euro to buy crisps and left. That’s when she disappeared.”

Weeping she added: “She doesn’t go near or talk to strangers. We pray she’s OK.”

The mums are both religious. Kate is a devout Catholic and gave confession to a priest in Portugal, while Irene is an evangelical Christian who prays daily.

As well as advice and support, Kate has offered to include Mari’s photo on 12,000 “Find Madeleine” posters about to be printed and pinned up around Spain.

Both women are united by one passionate, desperate cause – to find their beautiful daughters alive and well.



Madeleine police in hunt for Spanish girl, 5, snatched 120 miles from McCanns' apartment

Last updated at 15:40 16 January 2008

Portuguese police involved in the Madeleine McCann case have joined the hunt for another girl, it was revealed today.

Mari Luz Cortes, five, went missing in similar circumstances on Sunday in the Spanish town of Huelva, some 120 miles from the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz.

The involvement of the Portuguese officers has fuelled fears that detectives think they may be linked and that a paedophile gang could be operating in the region.
Scroll down for more...
Mari Luz Cortes Missing: Mari Luz Cortes vanished at the weekend 120 miles from Praia da Luz
Kate and Gerry McCann's private detective agency, Metodo 3, has already been checking whether the apparent abduction could be linked to four-year-old Madeleine's disappearance last May 3.
And it emerged today that Guilhermino Encarnacao, head of the Policia Judiciaria in the Algarve, is working on the case.
He led the hunt for Madeleine but his team was accused of a series of errors such as failing to preserve the crime scene, and they made her parents official suspects.
Mr McCann, 39, said yesterday: "We are extremely concerned that another young girl has gone missing in the region.
"Our thoughts are with her family."
Mari disappeared after walking 200 yards from her gypsy family's home to buy a bag of crisps at about 5pm on Sunday.
When she did not return, her mother Irena frantically searched the run- down housing estate where they live, before calling the police two hours later.
Officers sent helicopters and sniffer dogs to scour the area, and searched bins, water tanks and wells around the Andalusian city.
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mari luz Upset mum: The distraught mother of Mari Luz Cortes holds a picture of her five-year-old daughter
Portuguese police also carried out searches on their side of the border.

A witness came forward yesterday to report seeing Mari on a bus hours after she vanished.

The little girl was said to be with a gypsy woman who was shouting at her to keep quiet.

Mrs Cortes said: "It's a credible lead for me because the woman gave a lot of facts about the clothes the girl was wearing.

"I think it could be my daughter."
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Her husband Juan Jose, 34, a builder and former professional footballer, added: "If anyone has taken Mari by mistake or if they thought she was lost, please bring her back.

"She's never left home because she's very shy.

"Mari Luz, whom we call Mari, is a very bright girl, with chestnut-coloured hair and enormous bright eyes."
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Madeleine slide Missing: A second girl has now disappeared, not far from where Madeleine (above) vanished
The family yesterday attempted to counter criticism that they had allowed Mari to walk to the shops alone - just as the McCanns defended themselves for leaving their three children alone while they went out for dinner.

The scenes in the Torrejon estate yesterday were eerily reminiscent of Praia da Luz in May as Mari's desperate parents held impromptu press conferences before a growing media scrum.

Family spokesman Luis Molina said: "It is normal that she would go to the shop alone. It is only round the corner.

"No child has ever gone missing here before. It is a family neighbourhood, where everyone knows everyone.

"The family have lived here all their lives."

The McCanns believe their daughter was abducted by a stranger who stalked the family in Praia da Luz, before choosing the perfect moment to strike.

Mari's father said he could not face the possibility that the two girls had both been targeted by a paedophile ring.

"It's a possibility but it is not something we want to contemplate right now," he added.

The McCanns' spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said: "Our private investigators are aware of the case and will be liaising with the Spanish police to establish whether there are any links with Madeleine's disappearance.

"Metodo 3 is based in Barcelona and will travel to Huelva to carry out their investigations."

A spokesman for the Spanish National Police said: "A thoroughly intense search is being carried out by more than 100 officers, but so far there has been no definite sign of Mari Luz."

He said Portuguese police were alerted because Huelva was so close to the border.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-508301/Madeleine-police-hunt-Spanish-girl-5-snatched-120-miles-McCanns-apartment.html#ixzz1EtUPd8jY

Remembering Mariluz...R.I.P.

Click on ' Ver en You Tube' to view...

'DIAS SIN LUZ'..this evening, a telefilm based on the murder of Mariluz Cortés will be aired at 10 pm on Antena 3. Juan José Cortés took part in the making of this film. Here is a clip from the film where the family of Mariluz go to the house of Santiago and ask his sister 'where is my niece and where is your brother''


'Dias sin Luz'

Mariluz Cortés Online tribute...


Mariluz sexual assault has been ruled out...

The final results of the autopsy of five year old Mariluz Cortés ,released by the on going trial of Santiago del Valle and his sister Rosa over her death, have revealed she did not die in the home of the accused but drowned in the marsh-land where her body was found. Minute algae in the bone marrow of the youngster, who disappeared in Huelva in January 2008, indicated she had inhaled water, the autopsy said.

Professor Luis Frontera, who the victim's family brought in to offer a second opinion, noted in 2008 that she had died before being thrown into the water. The autopsy also said that Mariluz died more than four weeks before her body was discovered on March 7th, 2008 and also ruled out sexual assault.


Prayers said for Mariluz...had any communication taken place and had the McCanns really cared they would have attended Mariluzs funeral, comforted her parents. BUT no Mariluzs name ,age and grieving parents were all MURDOCH needed to comfort the McCanns and sell his fish wrap...The saddest part, it is Mariluzs murder trial and the gutter press who were once so helpful because it helped the McCanns cannot be bothered to mention her name. I have the feeling if I asked Martin Brunt about Mariluz, he would answer Mari, Mari who ?


With many thanks to HIMSELF for the links...

Yeremi and Mariluz used and abused by McCanns and Co....


PR GURU has no shame....' leaflets had already been printed'...who cares what Mariluzs father wishes...Huelva, a child abduction, an opportunity too good to miss.....and HEWLETT was hospitalized near by...


McCann GURU: Backstabbing a family in grief...the McCanns agenda to gain publicity for themselves...


Raymond HEWLETT was not involved in the death of Madeleine McCann or Mariluz Cortes....WHY has the British Goverment allowed this farce to continue ? good question but I have no answer....


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mariluz Cortes murder was asphyxia by Drowning

Media Summary

On the sixth day of the trial in the Mariluz Cortes murder case, the most prominent cause of death was asphyxia by drowning and sexual assault has been completely ruled out. Huelva, Spain. 23/02/2011


'The Book of Deceit' will HEWLETT play a starring role in the McCanns fairy tale ?? The 'good doctors' may go back to plan A and add another chapter as it appears there is nothing to connect Mariluz with Santiago and as HEWLETT was in a hospital closeby they may once again place him in the frame for the abduction of Madeleine and Mariluz.....thats the beauty of fiction, you can make it up as you go along.


FACEBOOK: Jaun José Cortés the father of Mariluz


Mariluz still alive when thrown into the water

As was previously revealed in the case summary on the death of Mari Luz Cortés, the pathologists who performed the autopsy on the five year old’s body have confirmed that she died by drowning and was still alive when she was thrown into the water.

The experts were in court on Wednesday giving evidence in the trial against Santiago del Valle and his sister Rosa, who are both charged with the young Huelva girl’s murder. They also told the court that the child died at least four weeks before her body was found.

Mari Luz went missing on January 13 2008 and was found dead on March 7 that year.

They also noted that there was no evidence on her body of sexual assault, but indicated that this does not mean that she did not suffer abuse. The experts mentioned injuries to her body which they believe are indicative of someone having violently grabbed her.

El Mundo reports the witnesses’ view that an injury to Mari Luz’s skull could have caused her to lose consciousness.

Mari Luz’s father was due to give evidence in the court on Friday, but he has now announced on his Facebook page that neither he nor any other member of the family will be attending, ‘given the complicated situation and the fact that it would bring nothing new to the trial’.

It’s understood from Canal Sur that the state prosecution and the defence were both in agreement with the decision.

Read more:

With Hewlett now dead another paedophile was needed for the McCanns and to sell MURDOCHS most popular British fish wrap....Mariluz Cortes was forgotten never to be mentioned again....the proof, her murder trial is taking place in Spain and no one is interested to give her two lines in the British press.....


Step forward, Charles O'Neil... HEWLETT forgotten, we now have yet another paedophile who was in Portugal when Madeleine died  was 'abducted' allegedley....One may ask how the Goverment allows this circus to continue but then one might say the same of Ed Smart...

Mariluzs killer was caught and Raymond Hewlett was dead...what now for the McCanns and MURDOCHS Sun newspaper, in search of paedophiles ?


Santiago del Valle FROM March 28th 2008

Santiago del Valle ordered to prison as remarkable details of the Mari Luz case emerge
By h.b. - Mar 28, 2008 - 2:11 AM

Santiago del Valle and his wife Isabel in 1999 - Photo Canal Sur Television
Santiago del Valle had escaped serving a single day of prison despite being found guilty of child sexual abuse on two previous occasions

Santiago del Valle García, the man arrested in connection with the death of five year old Mari Luz Cortés from Huelva, has been ordered to prison without bail by the judge in Instruction Court One in Huelva on charges of murder and against sexual freedom. The judge also told him that he must also serve the two years and nine month sentence handed down against him in 2006 by Penal Court One in Sevilla for abusing his own daughter.

The judge also ordered prison without bail for Rosa del Valle, his sister who had also been arrested along with his wife and a brother. The wife, Isabel García, was released with charges after making her statement to the Instruction judge and is now reported to be staying outside Huelva province. Santiago and Rosa left the Huelva Provincial Court at a quarter to one this morning, bound for the jail in Huelva.

The stairs in the Santiago del Valle home where it is reported he claims the child fell accidentally - Photo EFE
The body of Mari Luz Cortés was found floating in the Ría de Huelva on 7th March, 54 days after she disappeared from her home in the El Torrejón district of Huelva City during a short trip to the local sweets kiosk.

Meanwhile the General Council for Judicial Power (CGPJ), the body which oversees the judiciary in Spain has opened an investigation as to why the alleged killer of Mari Luz had not served a single day in jail, despite two prison sentences against him.
The latest was the firm 2 year 9 month sentence handed down against him by Penal Court One in Sevilla for the sexual abuse of his own five year old daughter.
 There was a second earlier sentence also, for two years in jail, handed down for the sexual abuse of a nine year old girl who he surprised on the stairs of her home, which he also somehow escaped serving.

It appears the official reason was that he was ‘whereabouts unknown' and had also appealed against the second sentence which had allowed him to avoid being placed inside. He had claimed that it was a gymnastics teacher who had abused his daughter, and not him, presenting a fake medical report at the time to support his case.

The court documents from Sevilla at the time make dramatic reading. Público quotes them as saying ‘On several occasions the accused, dropping his trousers, would make his daughter touch his member with her hands, and on other occasions he would masturbate while he touched her genital region.
The mother was often present while this took place, and despite the opposition of the child who complained to her father that it hurt, never did anything to stop it taking place’.
The court documents note that the mother, Isabel García, has an I.Q. of only 47, and she was clearly under the manipulative influence of her husband.
 The Sevilla court documents also indicate that Santiago del Valle suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, but also that the judge considered that when he abused his daughter he knew exactly what he was doing.
The couple’s two daughters, now aged 9 and 15, are in the care of foster families.
 There is also a third case of a 13 year old girl in Gijón, against whom he was handed down a distancing order after he had been chatting to her on the internet and proposed sexual relations. The girl’s mother discovered the plan and informed the police in that case.

The Government Delegate for Andalucía, Juan José López Garzón, commented that it was not for the police or the government to comment on the situation, and he was not going to make a judgement. He called for calm from the local population.
However López Garzón did not deny that there was a search and capture order in place against Santiago del Valle since 2006.

It appears that the Police investigators into the Mari Luz case knew nothing of this however, and were unaware that he lived less than 100 metres away from where she disappeared.
 However the local residents of this tight-knit community did know about Santiago del Valle’s past, and a few hours after Mari Luz vanished they had informed the missing girl’s parents. El Mundo reports that several people from the neighbourhood, including Mari Luz’s father, Juan José, and some of her uncles, forced their way into Santiago del Valle’s home, taking some papers on the same day that the child had vanished, knocking down the door in search of the youngster.
 This led the man who is now charged with the child’s murder to call the police for help.
The police went to the home and initially thought it was a simple case of breaking and entering, deciding to put off making full enquires until the next day. When they returned, Santiago del Valle and his family had gone, and it was only some time later that police joined the dots in the case and realised that they were dealing with a known paedophile with a previous record.

VIDEO Protestors outside the court in Huelva yesterday

Read more:

The McCanns trying to kill two birds with one stone...not only were they fitting up HEWLETT for abducting Madeleine but implying he was possibly responsible for the abduction of Mariluz...The McCanns are some peace of work....

Saturday May 23 2009 by Martin Evans and Nick Fagge

THE daughter of the convicted paedophile wanted for questioning over the disappearance of Madeleine McCann said last night that she does not care if he dies.
Gina Hewlett, 41, said she would never forgive serial sex beast Raymond Hewlett for what he had done.
The father of eight, who has a string of convictions against children stretching back to the 1970s, is dying of cancer in a German hospital.

 But Gina, whose life has been shattered by her father’s crimes, said she had no sympathy for him.
The chef, from Telford, Shropshire, said: “We didn’t know if he was dead or alive, but now we have heard about all this we don’t really care.
“While he is hundreds of miles away in Germany being treated in a hospital the rest of  his family are here bearing the brunt of what he might have done. We’re having to pick up the pieces and deal with all the trouble he’s caused.”
Hewlett, 67, was named as a suspect in the hunt for Madeleine after it was revealed he was living less than an hour’s drive from Praia da Luz in Portugal when she disappeared.
Raymond Hewlett
The drifter, who bears a striking resemblance to the sketch of the only known suspect in the case, is also wanted for questioning by West Yorkshire police about the abduction and serious sexual assault of an eight-year-old girl from Manchester in 1975.
Gina said: “Over the years we’ve had hate mail sent to us and firebombs thrown through our window, all when he was linked to paedophile offences.
Now he’s being linked with taking Madeleine it will all kick off again. We don’t have any sympathy for him and we never will, even when he’s on his deathbed. We will never forgive him for what he’s done in the past.”
Detectives working for Kate and Gerry McCann are planning to speak to Hewlett at the earliest possible opportunity but face a race against time as he is losing his battle against throat cancer. He is in intensive care in a teaching hospital in the German town of Aachen.
Last night medical staff at the high- dependency unit of the Universitats­klinikum told the Daily Express Hewlett was too ill to receive visitors.
The sister in charge of the intensive care ward said: “Mr Hewlett cannot speak to anyone. He is too ill to have visitors. Maybe after the weekend he will be able to receive visitors if he gets better and is transferred to a normal ward. He has a difficult story and the doctor has said no one can see him.”
Hewlett has spent the past decade living a nomadic lifestyle, travelling through Europe with his 32-year-old German wife Marianne Schmucker and their five children.
But he was living near the Portuguese-Spanish border when Madeleine disappeared.

One British police source said last night: “Hewlett is one of the most dangerous paedophiles we have ever encountered. It is vital we get to him before he dies and takes any secrets he may have to the grave.”
Madeleine disappeared from her parents’ holiday apartment at the Ocean Club Resort in Praia da Luz on the evening of May 3 2007.
Hewlett, a former soldier, trawlerman and fairground worker, has an horrific record of crimes against children and has been on the Crimestoppers wanted list for the past two years.
In 1972 he was jailed for a year after being convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl he lured into his car and knocked out with paint stripper.
A previously issued artist's rendering of a man seen in the Praia da Luz area of Portugal
Six years later he received a four-year sentence for the attempted rape of a 14-year-old girl he threatened with a gun. And in 1988 he was jailed again after abducting a 14-year-old news­paper delivery girl in North Wales.
A court heard how he threatened the terrified teenager with a knife before forcing her into the boot of his car and driving her to a remote spot 100 miles away where he sexually assaulted her.
 After his release from jail he moved to Scotland and later Ireland where he and Schmucker travelled around in order to evade detection.
Eventually the pair moved to a hippy commune near the Spanish-Portuguese border, where they set up home on a caravan park with their five young children.
Hewlett was diagnosed with cancer last year and was undergoing treatment at the Hospital Infanta Elena in the Spanish town of Huelva, where a five-year-old local girl, Mari Luz Cortes, went missing in January. Her body was later discovered in a nearby lake.
Weeks before British detectives were due to question him, he checked himself out of hospital and disappeared.
Hewlett, who is not on the sex offenders’ register because his crimes occurred before the legislation was introduced, was interviewed by Portuguese detectives investigating Madel­eine’s disappearance but his involvement was ruled out when a 15-year-old girl provided him with an alibi.
Hewlett’s name has also been linked to the 1975 murder of 11-year-old Lesley Molseed, whose body was found on the moors near her Rochdale home.
Hewlett’s 15-year-old girlfriend at the time provided him with an alibi, but she later admitted lying, claiming she thought the case was about a ­stolen car.

Read more: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/102838Maddie-Lead-Suspect-is-a-monster-#ixzz1EnC7I0ku

FOOTNOTE: Lets just clear a little something up here, the case has been shelved, the McCanns have not been cleared, therefore the McCanns REMAIN suspects in the disappearance of their child. The McCanns cannot ask for the case to be re-opened for the simple reason they will once more become arguiods  (suspects) in the disappearance of their daughter.  The parents have lied and continue to lie about what happened to Madeleine.Kate McCann still has to return along with her friends to do a reconstruction and explain how her child was abducted in less than four minutes while her husband along with Jez Wilkins and Jane Tanner were all standing in front of the apartment.

Juan Cortes interview, in this footage, the home of Santiago and the stairs where Del Valle claimed Mariluz fell to her death, he has since made a retraction and now claims he has no idea what happened to the five year old. Forensic, also appear lacking and unable to tie him or Santiagos sister to the death of young Mariluz.


The alleged killer of Mariluz Cortes


Mariluz Cortes ...The McCanns forgotten child

The mum of Mariluz Cortes has backed Kate McCann to help clear her name...I believe this is news to Mariluzs mother....

 10 January 2008
Gerry McCann (DM)
Gerry McCann has told how he blames himself for
 daughter Madeleine's disappearance and
 confessed he fears he may never see her again.
Riddled with guilt, the distraught dad said he
wished he'd never gone out for a meal with
friends and left the youngster asleep in
their apartment on that fateful night last May.
Gerry now fears his daughter may be dead.
 He said: "I know now, probably,
 the chances of getting Madeleine back are slim.
 You know it's difficult. Very difficult.
 You might never see her again.
 But still you have hope. Still.
19 January 2008
Kate Mccann
THE mum of missing Mari Luz Cortes has backed
 Kate McCann in the battle to clear
 her name over Maddie’s disappearance.
drawing1  drawing2
Forensic sketch of  Madeleine's Probable Abductor


A possible sighting of Mariluz in Italy sent her father Juan José Cortès heading for Naples....Any sightings of Madeleine have had the opposite effect on the McCanns....they laugh and smirk at each other !!!!!

Mari Luz Cortés girl found in Naples could be that of the missing five year old youngster from Huelva

The McCanns and their idea of 'SEARCHING'

Posted February 28, 2008

Interpol is reported to be investigating whether a girl found in Naples could be that of the missing five year old youngster from Huelva, Mari Luz Cortés.The Government delegate in Andalucía, Juan José López Garzón, has today said that there was no confirmation of the identity as yet. It seems the investigation started when a Spanish businessman of Italian origin, and resident of Cataluña was alerted by his mother who still lives in Italy, that they had found an indentified girl in Naples who was no older than five and whose origin and identity was unknown. It’s also reported that the child cannot speak Italian and is in a state of shock, only repeating the word ‘mama’. Despite latest reports that the child has an Asiatic appearance, Mari Luz’s father is reported to be planning to leave for Naples.
Mari Luz was last seen when she left her home in the El Torrejón district of Huelva on 13th January to buy a packet of crisps at the local sweets kiosk. Several searches in the Huelva area have proved fruitless and did not result in any clues.

The Mari Luz case has resulted in considerable coverage in the British press looking for links to the Madeleine McCann case, given that Huelva is close to the Portuguese border.
Authorities in Italy say the unidentified child found in Naples is not Mari Luz, the five year old girl who has been missing from her home in Huelva for more than six weeks.
The child in question is in a care centre in the Italian city, is said to be no older than five, and cannot speak Italian.
She was reported to be in a state of shock, only repeating the word, ‘mama’.Authorities there have now received a photograph of Mari Luz and say there is no similarity in the two girls’ appearance.

The investigation began when a Spanish businessman of Italian origin who is resident in Cataluña was told by his mother in Italy that an unidentified girl had been found in Naples.
 She was said to be either Asiatic in appearance, or of gypsy race, as is Mari Luz.
 EFE said the news that the child is not Mari Luz came through from sources at the Spanish Embassy in Rome shortly after Mari Luz’s father, Juan José Cortés, had left for Naples to follow up the initial information.

Cortes family fifth day of torture...

Today was the fifth day of the trial for the Mariluz Cortes murder case, a day on which a total of 13 witnesses belonging to the National Police, and forensic Police of Huelva, Seville, Granada and Madrid were interviewed. Huelva, Spain. 22/02/2011


Mariluz Cortes fifth day and great disappointment...images of bags shown in court yesterday


'Americas Maddie'..screamed the British tabloids...but not for long once the finger started pointing at the family, they dropped Haleigh like a hot brick.The suspicion was so quick Gerry McCann did not get a chance to write 'we feel your pain' on his blog, or if he did it was quickly deleted.

The Florida police immediately began an extensive investigation during which 44 registered sex offenders were questioned.
American Haleigh Cummings, 5, was abducted on Tuesday from her bed in which she was sleeping with her three-year-old brother in her home in Florida, international media reported. 
Florida police immediately began an extensive investigation during which 44 registered child sex offenders were questioned who live in the vicinity of the little girl’s home.
The girl was reported missing by her father who noticed that the door of their trailer was open.
He also said that the girl was last seen by his 17-year-old girlfriend who babysat haleigh and her brother the night before.


Yerem Vargas, another spanish child...used and abused by the McCanns.The parents of Yeremi told the McCanns they were not interested in their money making schemes...but just like Mari Luz's parents plea not to use her image in their campaign they ignored their suffering and placed their daughter's photograph , along with their' alleged abduction' (remember they lied about a broken shutter claiming the apartment had been broken into) with the image of Yeremi Vargas, to rain down yet more pain on a missing child's mother.....

Typically Spanish

Dec 18, 2007 - 4:32 PM

Parents of missing Yeremi Vargas accuse webpages of asking for money using the name of their missing child

It's nine months since the seven year old boy went missing from Gran Canaria, and the parents have underlined the difference between how they see their case and that of the McCann family

It’s nine months since seven year old Yeremi Vargas vanished when playing in the street outside his grandmother’s house in Vecindario on Gran Canaria.

Now his parents have placed a denuncia before the Guardia Civil after discovering that there are webpages on the internet which have been using their son’s picture ‘to ask for money or make money in some way’. The family say they want to make it completely clear that such pages are doing so without their permission. ‘Anything that asks for money and uses data about the disappearance of Yeremi is a fraud’ they say.

The parents, Ithaisa Suárez and Juan Francisco Vargas say they consider it to be ‘immoral’ that people are trying to sell or raise money on the disappearance of a child.

The Guardia Civil say they are now investigating the allegations and the web pages to see if a crime has been committed.

Yeremi’s mother has proved reticent to compare the case of Yeremi with that of Madeleine McCann –

‘Her parents have opted for another way, which is fine by us, but we are not looking for such (media) repercussion.

They have invited us to go to England to take part in meetings with them and to record a programme, but we have refused.

 We consider it to be an unnecessary circus which would not bring anything positive in our search for Yeremi’.

Translated by ines


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Juan Cortes...Victim turned activist ?

When the father of a missing girl in Huelva captured the media spotlight in late 2007 as he led the search for his missing daughter, he capitalised on the nation’s attention to launch a national public awareness campaign about the flaws in the Spanish justice system.

 Five-year-old Mari Luz Cortés disappeared after she ran off to buy a bag of crisps at a neighbourhood kiosk. Following a massive two-month nationwide search her body was found in January 2008 in a river in Huelva province’s Torrearenilla marshland.

 A convicted paedophile, Santiago del Valle, who had been granted an early release from prison, was arrested after he confessed to the murder.

Thus began Juan José Cortés’ crusade for changes to the Penal Code; specifically he was demanding stricter punishments for paedophiles and other sex offenders.

That spring, Cortés and his wife Irene Suárez were received by Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and then-Justice Minister Mariano Fernández Bermejo, who both listened to the father’s concerns.

A new national debate was ignited over whether life sentences should be given to certain dangerous criminals  – although the Socialist Party (PSOE) has resisted backing this measure. Finally, after being a member of the PSOE for seven years, a disgruntled Cortés announced on February 27, 2010, that he was abandoning the organisation’s ranks to join the conservative opposition Popular Party (PP).

In explaining his decision to reporters, Cortés, an articulate individual with basic studies, said that the main opposition party was giving him “the support” he needs in parliament to push for harsher sentencing guidelines; something, he says, the Socialists were not interested in doing.

“There was an offer made by the PP and I gave them my answer,” said Cortés, an evangelical pastor of Roma origin. That offer was to become the opposition party’s top advisor in judicial affairs. Now there is talk that Cortés may run for office in his native Huelva on the PP slate in the next elections.

During a popular television talk show recently, Maria Antonia Iglesias, a left-leaning journalist who served as news editor for state broadcaster RTVE, told Cortés that he was being used as “a show parent” by the PP.

“This is the type of demagoguery that takes advantage of the feelings of a mother or father who have suffered such an unfortunate affront. Politicians need to stay above this and not bow to sensationalism.”

Cortés is just one of a string of individuals who in recent years have earned semi-celebrity due to their status as victims of horrific crimes and have gone on to become established single-issue activists.

Among the more prominent have been the leaders of terrorist victims’ groups, which due in part to ETA’s more than 800 murders over the last four decades have a relatively prominent role in society.

 Francisco José Alcaraz, the former president of the AVT victims’ association, lost a brother and two nieces in a 1987 ETA attack.

 Alcaraz has been a particularly outspoken and divisive figure, siding with the PP and attacking both the Socialist government and even other relatives of victims that he has deemed “soft” on terrorism.